About Alnitak

Alnitak Satellite, a EU-based company has been established in 2021.

Our engineers combine over 50 years of RF and IP experience building high-end satellite links worldwide. With the emphasis on enabling true mobility, Alnitak provides innovative connectivity services based on traditional reflector and phased array antenna technology.

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Low Profile Antenna

Alnitak low profile, low drag antenna preserves original vehicle aesthetics as well as delivers exceptional spectral efficiency exceeding our competition. This means that your operating costs remain minimized even at broadband speeds.

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Turn-key Installation

Alnitak will deliver and install the hardware virtually in any location worldwide as well as will provide assistance with preparing your vehicle/vessel for custom power supply, mountings and imiscellaneous IT appliances, such as WiFi Hot Spot.

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OTM Operations

Alnitak solutions include high performance ruggedized solutions capable of supporting government and military SATCOM systems in Ku-, Ka- and X-Band.

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Portable Manpack

Alnitak flat antenna portable terminals offer lightweight, portable and cost-efficient SATCOM at broadband speeds and custom network topologies.

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Quality of Service

Alnitak high-speed services deliver broadband data, voice and high-definition video with guaranteed quality via dedicated CIR bandwidth allocated to each terminal on 24/7 basis. CIR quota can be adjusted to match your application requirements.

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10 Mbps on-the-move

Highly innovative phased array technology enables 10 Mbps performance at highway speeds.

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Wide Range of Applications

Alnitak on-the-move solutions are designed to support news gathering, media broadcasts, disaster recovery teams, ambulance and other mobile telemedicine vehicles, security and surveillance, public transit and many other applications.

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Satellite Coverage

Alnitak delivers full coverage of Europe, Middle East and Africa via a fleet of commercial Ku-Band spacecraft owned and operated by Eutelsat, Telesat and other international companies.

Custom solutions with coverage of Asia, Australia and Americas are possible.


Shared Services

Affordable shared bandwidth services enable connectivity at up to 10 Mbps downlink and 1 Mbps uplink speeds on-the-move with a specific portion of dedicated CIR bandwidth allocated to each client. This allows to enjoy broadband Internet access, voice and high definition video in real-time with guaranteed quality. All our services include unlimited traffic, landing to Tier 1 teleport facility, bandwidth management and firewall, secure VPN encryption and reporting and monitoring tools.

Dedicated Services

Alnitak delivers 100% dedicated bandwidth service with all satellite capacity allocated to a single terminal on 24/7 basis with available data rates up to 10 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink. This enables full mobility with even the most bandwidth intensive applications.


On-demand services are available via short 1 month contract terms for occasional use. The on demand service can be configured with both shared and dedicated bandwidth.


Alnitak is capable to deliver a wide range of custom tailored satellite telecommunication services. This includes landing to preferred teleport with private circuit peering to designated locations.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.